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Rock Climbing

On the Edge

10/13/05 04:09 pm - tokori

Hi everyone-

Im new to the climbing communty here on LJ.

I am looking for some workout suggestions to really strengthen my climbing a few grades while I am working out in the [rock] gym for the winter (lots of bolder and a some TP)

does anyone have any workouts they follow indoors and see results?

Also any diet {nutrition} /weight loss tips?

10/9/05 10:50 pm - potomacstpope - Some climbing links

Thought maybe I'd share some of the climbing links that I enjoy. Check them out.

This is a pretty cool site. You can sign up and log all your climbs on their database, and leave beta, and add to this sort of "global" guidebook as the frontpage describes.

Same idea as above, but in my opinion it is a little more professional, and oriented at the more powerful, skilled climbers. I logged in some stuff, and discovered in the pulldown that some of my climbs weren't even worthy of their grades...whoops.

I really enjoy this site for the articles, but damn, I wish they would update more often!

This is one of my climbing buddies' site. He built a "woody" in his basement, in other words, his own climbing wall. Check out some of his links, and his info

Need some motivation?

Another climbing pal's site. He is the guy who knows all about Maryland climbing. He had this online guide, until a publisher got him to put it out on paper. He wrote it and now everywhere you climb in MD, you pretty much see people with it in their hands. These are the places I mostly climb if anyone is interested.

Uh, what does that mean?

More to come...

10/9/05 07:00 pm - boulderv12 - In response to Matt...

Ok then. I'm Ben, I'm from Northern KY (the part that hates being a Kentuckian). I'm 15 yrs old (am i the youngest?) and I've been climbing since I was 5. At 8 I won 2nd at regionals for my age group and stopped climbing for five years. I decided to start up again last year and have managed to regain climbing at a 5.11 level/v5, yay!

I skipped two grades and I will be graduating next May, with any luck attendind University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, if not, University of Kentucky. I do a lot of traveling and backpacking.

Hi everyone.


10/9/05 02:40 am - bella_poetessa

Well since Matt did His intro I'll do mine. I gave one a brief while ago but there is always more to the story.

I've been balaying for the past year. I had knee surgery in April and have been restricted in my climbing activites. I can boulder so i do that frequently inside and outside. We have a local rock gym so I head there a lot. I got into the sport through an ex gf as well as another good friend. I've fallen head over heels for the sport.

btw Matt, My parents used to live near Sugarloaf.. at least close enough that we would drive by it on the way to see many of my old relatives.

I have lived out west since 1990, am into hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, and heck just a ton of outdoorsy kind of things. I'm a PRM major (thats park and recrations management) at NAU (Northern Arizona University)in Flagstaff Arizona.

I love the fact that your outdoors a lot Matt. It inspires me. I want to get into Mountaineering too but that is way farther down the road.

My biggest hope is to come up with 180 dollars by the end of this month so I can take this rock climbing class my college is offering.

Oh lol My name is Kelly and I'm the Mod of this group.


10/8/05 11:45 pm - potomacstpope - Meet yr fellow rock climbers

Not sure if this has been done or not, but I thought it might be cool to see where everyone is climbing and who they are. Maybe this can get this community a little more proactive?

I'm Matt and I've been climbing for about 3 months now, so I guess I'm still in newbie stage. Mostly toproping and some seconding. No lead climbing for me as of yet. I live in Maryland so my climbs have focused in that area. Mostly I climb at Sugarloaf, which is a privately owned park, but I've ventured out to some very new climb spots such as The Narrows out by Cumberland, MD, and Vaso Island which is only accessible by kayak/boat near Great Falls climbing area. Everytime I go out I learn more and more. I'm pretty well addicted to climbing in this short period of time. I think the cerebral nature of the sport is what is alluring to me. Later this month my mentors and I are heading down to North Carolina to Stone Mountain for some climbing/camping. A trip report will definitely be in order afterwards. My goals are obviously to get good enough to climb sizable climbs up in the NE, and out west. I'm definitely interested in mountaineering but at this point want to focus on the tech side of rock climbing.

So what is everyone else's stories?

10/5/05 11:18 am - bella_poetessa

I twisted out my knee again.

I'm going to start working out. Anyone have any ideas on what is the best way to strengthen your knees for climbing?

7/28/05 10:02 am - bella_poetessa - Everyone has to start somewhere...

This is the start for me. I started to belay last Fall for my ex girlfriend. It was then that I fell in love with the sport of Rock Climbing. That comming Spring I was hit by a car and unable to follow up on my dreams of climbing. Instead I was told I was going to have to have surgery. I told my doctor my one major goal for the year was to heal from the knee surgery so that I would be able to climb at my local rock gym. I wanted to be a good climber.

Since April I've been slowly building up my body's strength. I've had to rebuild my right leg. My Physical Therapist has a boulder wall that they call a therapy wall that I climb at least twice a week. I also go to a local gym or to a local outside park to also practice twice a week. My clothes are falling off of me. I am a big girl and proud of it yet this change in my body mass is making me very happy. I have a lot more lean muscle mass than fat. I have to admit that this really makes me feel good. Climbing allows my body to have a full work out. I eat healthy and I ride 3-5 miles every other day to work my heart and lungs.

My PT says I won't be able to climb high until Late October so until then I'm just working on healing everything and building up my body on low bouldering and other exercises. I dream about climbing high. I know I can't take the risk to fall yet. October is only a few months off and I can't wait!
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