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Hey, guys. My name's Kaleigh and I'm new to the community. I've been climbing since February of this year, so I'll be achieving one-year status shortly. I'm much more savvy indoors because I'm from Gainesville, FL where it's quite obvious there is no rock climbing. I'm a V3/4ish/5.9ish indoor climber... I've climbed outdoors a few times. I took my first outdoor trip to the Stone Fort in Chattanooga, TN back in April and then I competed in all of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series which put me on rocks at Hound Ears (North Carolina), HP40 (Alabama), and again in Chatt. I sent 'These Feel Like Your Sisters' at the Stone Fort at Triple Crown which is my most esteemed achievement thus far-- not for its grade or difficulty but it's my favorite outdoor problem thus far and I worked really hard at sending it so it felt incredible to walk away from the comp. with that under my belt.

Anyway, that's my introduction.

(my first ascent on the dragon lady boulder at the stone fort back in april)

(on the troll boulder at hound ears in october)

(this is a v2 called 'short change' on the 8ball boulder at hp40 that i sent in november)

(at an abs comp. at a gym in jacksonville)
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