Silvester (silvester10528) wrote in rock_climbing,

gear advice sought

My son has been drooling over the Metolius 3/4 Finger Climbing Gloves, but I don't see a need for them as me climb exclusively indoors. Does anyone have any advice, input or opinions about these gloves or the use of gloves in general for indoor climbing??
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isn't climbing best without the use of excessive equipment?
I agree, but my son is a little soft and isn't the one paying for things...
I've never known many who used gloves for climbing. If you're doing nothing but juggy roof routes and your palms are covered in flappers, yeah, it'd be nice. Or if you're doing a lot of long rappels. Otherwise, seems like they'd just get in the way. Again though, haven't talked with anybody who could tell me why they use 'em so...
If we were doing any rappels worth mentioning, I would get the gloves in a heartbeat, but this is all indoor toprope routes going to max 50 feet.

Neither of use does anything with an overhang worth calling a roof; he's a little weak and I'm 265 pounds - even the thightest of holds has a chance to become a spinner with me on it!!

If we were doing multi-pitch routes like Yosemite (sp?), I'd probably have bought gloves already...
Yeah, gloves inside seem unnecessary. And outside, you can just tape up if you really need protection.
i can't think of any reason to wear gloves while climbing other than low temperature. i don't imagine that comes into play too often indoors though.

what does your son think about the use of gloves for indoor climbing? are they useful tools or fasion accessories?
Fortunately, he is NOT a fashionista!!

We clibmed twice last weekend and he pushed himself until he had blisters and then until those tore open and THEN asked for bandaides so he could keep going!! He wanted to climb to exhaustion, but time and blisters ran out...

He's pinched his fingers in the belay device a couple of times and gotten rope burn a couple of times...

I think he is just looking for some protection against the rope and holds, he thinks he is an artist or something and doesn't want to risk "damaging" his hands.
i'm going to assume that he's just beginning, relatively? the blisters and whatnot will eventually go away if he doesn't wear gloves while climbing. build up callouses on the hands and he'll eventually be able to climb to his hearts [read "muscles"] content. as for damaging his hands.. i've climbed until my hands have bled and still been able to draw and paint and play guitar a few days later. skin heals, thank god. as for the belaying side of this issue, i can see that. i see a lot of people wear gloves when belaying, especially before the callouses on your hands build up :)
do they have to be metolius 3/4 finger gloves? no, but it could be cool :)
Yeah, he is slightly more of a beginner than I am. He's breaching into light 5.7's and hard 5.6's... He's young and still a little lanky.

I was thinking I might just get him some batting or weight lifting gloves for belaying and ridicule him if he climbs with them on...
sounds like a plan :)